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Player Run POL Shards

POL offers a portal for its users to advertise their shards on with real-time status updates, if enabled.


Czech/english shard running since 2003. Unique system with classes and races, hundreds of spells, powerful rituals and new skills. 100+ NPC quests. Custom map with many dungeons. Balanced PvP with many features - Town Wars, PvP league, CTF, tournaments...  *

Kings of Mahaon

Innovative Ultima Online shard with a good considered PRG system.  *

Zulu Hotel Italia 7th Age

A 10 years history of passion, that's ZHI. With original and rare graphics, acclaimed PvP and PvM systems and dedicated Staff, just to cite some of our strengths, we're definitively the place to play. Visit our website for more info!  *

Hell's WS

Warshard based on Scripts Zulu Hotel First Age. Dedicated Server. Start level 5 (145 all class skills). Start kit. Auto-Account - Ready to Hunt!  *

Chaotic Realm

Color Wars, Capture the Flag, Town Wars, NEW Lootsystem ,AoS Tooltips, Anti-Damage areas enable/disable, Anti-Littering areas enable/disable via cmd, Holy, Earth, Necro, Song, Enchantment and normal spell books.  *

The Old World

Ältester deutschsprachiger Rollenspiel-Shard. Verwendet POL seit 2004. Verschiedene spielbare Rassen und Klassen. Eigenes System, mit Handwerker, Kämpfer, Priester und Magier. Willkommen!  *

Zulu Hotel Europe

Zulu Hotel Europe! Classical 6 classes & Custom 4 Classes, Races, PvP Balanced System, PvM Experience, Quests, Auto-Events, Arenas, Mounts, Houses. Custom client and etc. VK, FB, YT /ZuluHotelEurope  *

Zulu Hotel Italia: Time Warp

The Zulu Hotel Italia Time Warp project was born with the declared intent to bring back to light an hidden treasure: after 13 years, meet again thanks to a social network.  *

Zuluhotel Omega

Zuluhotel Omega brings the best features from different ZH shards into one! Enjoy your favorite features from different ZH shards here!  *

Neverlands Phoenix

The classic Neverlands shard has risen again. With new lands, monsters, rares,events,ores and logs and more. Features balanced PVP with great PVM. Over 10 years of previous UO gaming hosted on a dedicated server in New York. Great staff to help you out!  *

Welt Pergon

German free shard - since 1999, focus on economy and its cycles, own mage system, roleplay welcome, English speaking developers - give it a try NOW!  *


Shard does not have status reporting enabled.

Russian Shard! OSI 98 style. Skillcup 700 & Statcap 225. Fast prorolling, system pvp as much as possible close by a gold epoch ultima, completely processed the game world.  *

Neverlands Legacy Alpha

Based on the original neverlands shard. pvp, pvm. custom magical jewel, armor, clothing crafting. No afk macroing. Currently hiring team members use the contact form * the shard is in Alpha Stage  *


The official Russian/European branch of Zulu Hotel. Though we constantly add new features we strongly adhere to keeping the vanilla Zulu spirit. Regular tournaments have always been our tradition but we also keep up with PVE trends (bosses and quests).  *

Zulu Hotel Hue Br

Zulu Hotel Hue Br is an entertainment system, created to provide wellness to its members, easy shard, class system up to lvl 9, dedicated, server weekly events, set 3 skills 130, Exclusive donations space, dummys, mining, fishing, npcs etc.  *


Midddangeard, a new POL shard based on Zulu, but much more interesting then Zulu, after one year running, there are more and more players play on it, you are welcome to join!  *

New Age

The new Odessa server, which starts in April 2018. Server was made in the best traditions of POL95.  *

The World of Dreams

Shard does not have status reporting enabled.

One of the oldest POL shards is back. The World of Dreams offers a stable environment, friendly players, and mature staff members. New players are welcome to join this family-friendly shard that's rich in history and experience.  *

Chaos Age

Shard does not have status reporting enabled.

Since 1998, the biggest shard in Brazil, offering the best game play, with the most balanced PvP, OSI-Champions rebuilt, and many other inovations in a diversity of complex systems!  *

Zulu Hotel Brasil

Shard does not have status reporting enabled.

Brazilian and the best server of ZH scripts / XP system / Class System / Best PvP / Real Capture The Flag only in ZHBR / All Balanced / Quests all weeks, stability and lots of fun.  *

Kingdom of Britannia

Shard does not have status reporting enabled.

Clasic pre AOS with some customs Looking for mature staff  *

Phoenix Fable

Shard does not have status reporting enabled.

Phoenix Fable is a fresh new shard created for old and new gamers that loved the old ultima online. Custom ores, hides, wood and classes we have everything you need to enjoy uo like you used to.  *

Zulu Hotel Australia

Shard does not have status reporting enabled.

Zulu Hotel Australia is back better then ever! Based in Perth with your usuall 130 skill caps and your favourite classes returning, why not start a new account and enjoy ZHA!  *

Clair's Lair: Resurrection

Shard does not have status reporting enabled.

CL:R is the continuation of the biggest polish UO server, running since 2002! Fully customized world: new dungeons, monsters, items, quests system, races, and many more to explore!  *


Shard does not have status reporting enabled.

Roleplay Required, PvP allowed, Active staff, 5+ Year online, 4 Custom religions each with own spells, Great Playerbase!  *

Olmer UO

PvE PvP shard, race wars  *

Akara Essex

Shard does not have status reporting enabled.

AOS Era Features: Best Unique Leveling System levelable Pets Custom Map Custom Ores/Woods/Leathers Runic Hammers/Fletcher Tools/Tinker Tools Sphynx/AirElemental/Skeletal Dragon Mounts Levelable Armor/Jewelry/Weapons uoessex.servegame.com 2590  *

Zulu Hotel Valhalla

Shard does not have status reporting enabled.

A nice Zuluhotel based shard running the latest version of Pol99 and updated scripts. weekly updates and dedicated developers. server has very low ping for everyone because it's connected to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange(ams-ix)  *


Shard does not have status reporting enabled.

UOSigena hat vieles selber entwickelt, sei es die Map, die zahlreichen Klassen wie Hexer, 4 Magierklassen...Jede Klasse hat ihre eigenen Specials, die das Spielen auf Sigena nicht langweilig machen und noch vieles Mehr --> Schnell anmelden und loslegen!  *

Zulu Hotel Forever

Shard does not have status reporting enabled.

Professionally ran Zuluhotel server ran off pol core version 099. active reliable staff always there to help. we offer boost stones,new player training rooms and character transfers from active servers  *

UO Antares

Shard does not have status reporting enabled.

Online 150+ Free Russian Shard [c]2004 Client, 1000+ Quests, 100+ Dungeons and Bosses, BaseItems, BaseMonsters, Pirates, Regular Events  *

Valhalla Lost

Shard does not have status reporting enabled.

ValhallaLost is a 8th year free family shard, Huge custom maps with 100s of unique npcs. Duel/PK Areas,Raids,Quests. Race and Class avaliable, no skill cap, Casino , rares. PVP, roleplaying, Excellent crafting system helpful players and staff.  *

Faerun's Legends

Shard does not have status reporting enabled.

A full-rpg shard, based on D&D 3.0 edition. Completely italian  *